A little linklist for interested in modeltrams:


Site by Modelleisenbahnenverein Hamburg e.V. - They run a scale-1 (1/32) modelrail at Museum of Hamburg-History

Site by Jan Ruppert from Berlin about his H0m modeltram, with an interesting discussion group on modeltrams (in german language, posts in english language will be answered in english language, too).

Site by modeltram-club Dresden with remarkable pics of their modeltrams (in german language only).

Site by Juergen Lang with a linklist on modelrail. Here you can find all german clubs and professionals engaged on modelrailroading in germany (in german language only).

Site by Rolf Westphalen. He is constructing virtual cars for Eisenbahn.exe. His newest project is constructing the last tramcars of Hamburg tramline 2 for "Trainsimulator 2004" (in german language only).

Site by Rafael Antonio Gil Fornés from Spain with scratch-built tramcars on a nice trackplan. Another site by the same author about his horse-tramway, driven electrically (both sites in spanish language only).

Discussion group about modelrail (in german language only)

Professional sites:

Site by W. Froewis, manufacturer of Berlin-modeltrams in H0- and N-gauge (in german language only).

Site by Andreas Kaluzny for detailing your modeltram with hamburg-specific parts (in german language only).

Site by BEC-Kits. BEC-Kits manufactures tramkits of different cities. There are some kits of Hamburg streetcars and elevateds.

Site of a modelrail dealer in Hamburg with an onlineshop on his site. Modeltrams and parts from the most popular manufacturers and Hochbahn souvenir cars are available too (in german language only).




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